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Every industry and province, all in one place.

Canada Provincial Insights & Industry Research

Precise evaluation of any industry takes just minutes.

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    Access up to 100 industries in each of the 10 provinces
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    Analyze local industries and economies within a province or metro area
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    Benchmark industry performance from province to province and with national averages
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Find your next opportunity

Gain a quick understanding of the areas and industries where business activity is thriving and where it has yet to take off, helping you identify the geographic regions with the most potential for ROI.

Choose any province to view establishment growth:

Industry Leaders & Laggards

Establishment Growth

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** 2017-2022 Annual Growth Rate Average

Zoom in from national to local

Detailed Provincial Industry Reports examine local data and offer projections for revenue, employment and business growth across provinces. Use this hyper-relevant geographic data to:

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    Evaluate the growth trajectory of your business or a client's
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    Forecast the performance and outlook of any provincial industry
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    Understand the competitive landscape in regional markets and metro areas
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Analyze local economies in minutes

Complementary Economic Profiles are linked to each Provincial Industry Report. Find essential data on province demographics, GDP, job growth and more - plus, comprehensive industry lists that help you:

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    Custom sort and segment target markets based on your criteria
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    Decide where to expand, launch new products or prospect for new business
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    Unpack the local risks and opportunities for each province, and steer clear of declining economies

Provincial industry Reports

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